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Our annual conferences (entitled Charge of the Goddess Conferences) each spotlight a particular pagan path, tradition person, and ideas and to share knowledge. Our speakers are all accepted as qualified and recognised experts in their particular field and we have as a regular core: Professor Ronald Hutton (History, Bristol Uni), Rufus Harrington, Melissa Harrington, Phillip Heselton (Author and Historian), Prudence Jones (Theologian and historian), Julia Phillips (Author), Peter Nash (Alexandrian Witch), Marian Green (Founder Quest),  Morgana (Pagan Federation International), Isobel Andrade (Pagan Federation Portugal), Christopher Crowley (Pagan Federation), Vivianne Crowley, Lois Bourne (Author and witch elder) and Yvonne Aburrow. We have also had guest speakers including Will Kale (USA), Francis Cameron (Oxford Uni), Caroline Wise (Fellowship of Isis), Fred Lamond (Author), Philip Carr-Gomm (Order of Bards Ovates, Druids).

Upcoming Events:

We have a big presence at Witchfest in Croydon UK 15th Nov 2014 with John Belham-Payne and Ashley Mortimer speaking about our work

Recent Events:

13th June 2014 Gerald Gardner Heritage Plaque Unveiling With evening entertainment By Damh the Bard and a talk by Gerald Gardner biographer Philip Heselton - see here

6th April 2014 A Day for Patricia Crowther See photos and reviews here:

10th August 2013 - Ashley Mortimer speaking at the Lindhu Gathering in Lincolnshire

21st June 2013 Unveiling of Doreen Valiente Blue Plaque

21st June 2013 Open Midsummer Ritual (Brighton Steine Gardens)

Here are our past conferences:

2012 A Day with Ronald Hutton and Friends

2010 A Day for Gerald Gardner

2009 A Day For Doreen Valiente

We have various talks and presentations throughout the year and this is a list of our past talks/presentations

[Talk] Mansfield Mind Body Spirit Fair 14th October 2012

[Talk & Exhibition] The Mystic Moon Shop Nottingham 17th October 2012

[Talk & Exhibition] The Mystic Moon Shop Nottingham 20th October 2012

[Talk & Exhibition] The Mystic Moon Shop Nottingham 25th October 2012

[Lecture & Exhibition] Castle Bytham Lincolnshire 30th September 2012

[Talk] Irish Centre Nottingham 22nd September 2012

[International Conference] A Day for Ronald Hutton (DVF hosted) London 16th September 2012

[Talk & Exhibition] Nottingham Pagan Network Nottingham 13th September 2012

[Talk & Exhibition] Pagan Pride Festival Nottingham 5th August 2012

[Talk Nottingham] Pride Festival Nottingham 28th July 2012

[Talk & Exhibition] Nottingham Goddess Camp Nottingham 21st July 2012

[Talk & Classroom Presentation] South Notts Academy Nottingham 18th July 2012

[Lecture & Exhibition] PFNE York 21st April 2012

[Interview] Sky TV London 1st April 2012

[Interview] BBC TV Leicester 18th March 2012

[Lecture & Exhibition] Nottingham Empyrean Nottingham 5th October 2011

[Talk & Exhibition] Pagan Pride Festival Nottingham 8th August 2011

[Talk & Exhibition] Nottingham Goddess Camp Nottingham 17th July 2011

[Talk & Exhibition] PF Moot Lincoln 17th June 2011

[Presentation] Nottingham April 23rd 2011

[Presentation] Madrid December 10th 2011

[International Conference] A Day for Gerald (DVF hosted) London September 19th 2010

[International Conference] A Day for Doreen DVF hosted) London September 13th 2009

[Lecture] Gathering of The Tribes Tampa Florida Jun 3rd 2007

[Lecture] Americans Club Fuengirola Spain August 2005

[Lecture] Conferencia E Encontro Da PFI Outubro Portugal October 2002

For people wishing to book stalls at our events please visit this link for our Terms and Conditions