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The best source for information on Isian tradition is the website of the Fellowship of Isis


The Hon. Olivia Melian Durdin-Robertson, known as Olivia Robertson (born 13 April 1917) was an author, artist, co-founder and high priestess of the Fellowship of Isis,an international spiritual organization devoted to promoting awareness of the Goddess, the belief that God was a woman. The Fellowship of Isis has nearly 14,000 members in 90 countries.

Born at St Mary’s Hospital in London, Olivia Robertson is descended from the theologian Richard Graves, a cousin of the author Robert Graves, and is a grandchild of Thomas Herbert Robertson. She was the second of four children born to Nora and Manning Durdin-Robertson, an architect and town planner and a friend of the poet W. B. Yeats. Her family lived in Reigate in Surrey before moving back to their ancestral home at Clonegal Castle in Ireland on inheriting it on the death of her grandmother in 1925. From 1938 Robertson was educated at Ascot and the Grosvenor School of Modern Art in London. Following the outbreak of World War II, although a pacifist she served as a V.A.D. nurse in Bedfordshire in 1940. She studied at University College Dublin in 1942, and then worked at the Dublin Corporation until 1946. In 1946 she published her first book, St. Malachy’s Court. Further books followed, including Field of the Stranger (1948), which was awarded the London Book Society’s Choice award; The Golden Eye (1949), Miranda Speaks (1950), and It’s an Old Irish Custom (1954). Her book The Dublin Phoenix (1956) sold out on its first day.

In 1960 Robertson moved back to Clonegal Castle, the family home, with her brother, the Reverend Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, 21st Baron of Strathloch, and his wife Pamela. In 1963 the three of them formed the Huntington Castle Centre for Meditation and Study, and in 1976 the Fellowship of Isis, which is dedicated specifically to the Egyptian goddess Isis as the three co-founders believed Isis best represented the energies of the dawning Aquarian Age.

She wrote her spiritual autobiography The Call of Isis in 1975, and also Isis of Fellowship, concerned with how the Fellowship of Isis was founded. On 30 April 1988 she appeared as a guest on After Dark, a British late night live discussion programme broadcast on Channel 4.

In August 1993 Olivia was invited to attend the Parliament of the World’s Religions Centennial Session, representing the Fellowship of Isis. A film of her life, Olivia: Priestess of Isis, was released on DVD in 2011.

She never married. She passsed into the summerlands on Friday 15th November 2013.