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Patricia Crowther - The Zodiac Experience

Initiation through the 12 signs of the Zodiac by Patricia Crowther

For the first time Patricia Crowther presents a unique method of self initiation by use of the "Girdle of Venus" - the Zodiac. With her considerable knowledge of esoteric subjects she has discovered the hidden meaning of the signs and reveals them for your edification.

Instructions on how to use this method of self initiation preceeds all the visualisations. Each of these amazing astral journeys contains a lesson to integrate into everyday life and reveals their link with the world of spirit.

The 12 rites are designed to be used in sequence as the wheel of the year turns to each zodiac house.

The Rites:

Poetry by: Patricia Crowther, Leon and Jeanne Dickens and Peter Burford - Wood. Audio Edited by Al Bassetti.
Photograph courtesy of The Daily Mirror

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